Reclamation-Ranch has joined forces with

Helping with Horsepower™

to assist Veterans and Special Needs Individuals

with Equine-Assisted Therapy

Reclamation-Ranch is committed to being a premiere facility to assist Veterans, Families & Youth, in achieving goals & reaching their full potential through interactions with therapeutic horses & animals.

We offer various opportunities for trauma survivors, special needs individuals, teams and families to feel genuine joy and happiness.  Our guarantee is that when you leave Reclamation-Ranch, you will take with you, unconditional love, support and connection.


Reclamation-Ranch Contact Information

Crystal Young - Owner/Operator & Equine Gestalt Coach

Email:  reclamationranch@gmail.com

40787 259th Street - Mitchell, SD 57301

Phone:  605-770-2867

Helping with Horsepower™

Helping with Horsepower™ President & Ext. Director

Laura Klock - President & Founder of Helping with Horsepower™

Email:  laura@helpingwithhorsepower.com

Crystal Young - Executive Director - Equine - Helping with Horsepower™

Email:  reclamationranch@gmail.com

Helping with Horsepower™ Administrative Contacts

Barb Young - Administrative & Bookkeeping - Helping with Horsepower™

Email:  barb@helpingwithhorsepower.com