Celebrate Your Child's Birthday


Celebrate your child's birthday with 6 of his or her friends in a fun, free range fashion!

We encourage kids to be kids!  Run, jump, roam, get dirty at Reclamation-Ranch!


 Reclamation-Ranch 40787 259​th​ St. | Mitchell, SD 57301

Phone: 605-770-2867 | Office: 605-630-8137 | 

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Office use: Date of Party ________________time___________

Whose birthday are we celebrating? _________________________________________

Age____________ Weight (​ for riding purposes only) ​_______________ DOB____________


Email: __________________________________________________________________

We have 2 indoor facilities and do not cancel parties due to weather (unless there is a tornado). Please give us a week’s notice or as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your party. As you know, a lot of planning goes into a birthday party. No Refunds will be given. The party must be paid in full at the time of booking.  

Birthday parties include 2 hours of facility use, activities for the birthday child and 6 friends, 2 cafeteria style tables, time to open presents, eat cake and barn use for decorating. 

Liability Release and Information 

I, _______________________________________________do release Crystal Young, Reclamation-Ranch and all volunteers and affiliates of any and all liability and accidents during the event to be held on (​ date of event)​____________. I understand this is an equine related activity and that there are risks involved. I acknowledge Crystal Young, Reclamation-Ranch, its volunteers and staff will keep all attendees safe and happy to the best of their ability. I have asked any questions and acknowledge any and all precautionary measures were and will be taken. I will correct my child and/or his/her friends if I see any dangerous or harmful actions towards the animals or property of Reclamation-Ranch. I take full responsibility for any damage or trash incurred by my child and his/her friends in attendance. I have gotten permission and approval from all parents/guardians of children in attendance to participate. 


Relationship to primary child:_______________ Date:____________

Participant Names & age: (​ write yes on last line if

rider is over 75 lbs)

1._______________________  _______ _______

2._______________________  _______ _______

3._______________________  _______ _______

4._______________________  _______ _______

5._______________________  _______ _______

6._______________________  _______ _______

+ _______________________  _______ _______

First 6 attendees are free.  $10 For additional attendees/Non-Refundable

(contact Crystal)

_______ (​ initial)​ I give permission to Crystal Young and

Reclamation-Ranch to use any photos taken during the event for public marketing.

Don’t forget to “check-in” to Reclamation-Ranch on Facebook to win a free individual riding lesson!

_____ Yes! I would love to have photos taken​   with me in them, during my child’s party for $25! A disc with images and photography release will be sent to me at the address provided on this form. 

Cancellation/Inclement Weather Policy

This is an outdoor facility with animals, bugs, dirt and manure. We do our BEST to keep our facility clean but there is always a possibility of an uninvited fly or cat showing up to join in on the celebration. ☺ 

 _______Ranch Hand Package ($115 +tax non riding event):

By booking your child's birthday with us your child and 6 of his or her friends will experience hands on, fun outdoor activities like brushing, decorating, feeding, and riding one of our well-trained horses! Free range play at

Reclamation-Ranch like climbing hay bales, exploring the trail, cuddling cats, playing fetch with the dogs and more! Kids are able to roam, run, play and be kids!  

Add on’s

_______The whole shabang! (additional $105 +tax):

Let us take care of it all! Invites, RSVPs, decorations, plates, napkins, table covers, party favors, thank you’s, and even the clean up! Just send us a list of names addresses, bring the cake and drinks and we’ll take care of the rest! We can even have pizza or chicken delivered! (Pizza Ranch)

   $___________Ranch hand package

+ $___________ Additions (​ Add on’s or More Riders)

   $___________ Sub Total   

   $___________ X 4.5% tax

= $___________ Grand Total

Please fill out and return with payment to Crystal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.​ or by mail to: 

Reclamation-Ranch         40787 259​th​ St.      Mitchell, SD 57301

From all of us here at Reclamation-Ranch, Thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you! 

Welcome to our herd!