Celebrate Your Child's Birthday


Celebrate your child's birthday with 4 of his or her friends in a fun, free range fashion!

We encourage kids to be kids!  Run, jump, roam, get dirty at Reclamation-Ranch!

Cancellation/Inclement Weather Policy

This is an outdoor facility with animals, bugs, dirt and manure. We do our BEST to keep our facility clean but there is always a possibility of an uninvited fly or cat showing up to join in on the celebration. 


_______Ranch Hand Package ($115 +tax riding event)

By booking your child's birthday with us your child and 4 of his or her friends will experience hands on, fun outdoor activities like brushing, decorating, feeding, and riding one of our well-trained horses! Free range play at Reclamation-Ranch like climbing hay bales, exploring the trail, cuddling cats, playing fetch with the dogs and more! Kids are able to roam, run, play and be kids!   

_______Ranch Hand Package

_______Additions (Add on's or more riders)


_______Grand Total (Subtotal Rate X 4.5% sales tax)

Please fill out and return Birthday Party Form and return with payment to Crystal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to:  Reclamation-Ranch    40787 259th St.    Mitchell, SD 57301

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From all of us here at Reclamation-Ranch, Thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you!   Welcome to our herd!