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Crystal 2Meet Crystal 

"Located 4 miles south of I90 exit 330 in Mitchell, SD, Reclamation-Ranch is committed to being a premiere facility to assist families & youth, in achieving goals & reaching their full potential through interactions with therapeutic horses & animals. With over 25 years of equine and animal experience, owner/operator, Crystal Young facilitates and encourages attendees to enhance healing and wellbeing at Reclamation-Ranch. "In 2013, I realized I wanted to make some changes and give my life a purpose by making a difference in the life of others, both human and animalIf change is to be, it is up to me!  I have found my calling, purpose and passion! As a SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Instructor for Helping with Horsepower & Equine Gestalt Life Coach ® I have come to know horses as the most non-judgmental teachers I have ever met. I have seen and felt them heal in ways a person would have never imagined." -Crystal Young 

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" -Winston Churchill

After graduating Touched by a Horse's 2 year Equine Gestalt Life Coaching program in 2015, Crystal reached out to Klock Werks Vice President and successful entrepreneur Laura Klock for mentorship and guidance. Laura was certified as a therapeutic riding instructor by SpiritHorse International Therapeutic Riding Center in 2010. Reclamation-Ranch became the home of Helping with Horsepower's SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding in 2015. "In 2016, the number of riders benefiting from therapeutic riding lessons tripled! We gave over 125 rides from May through Oct of 2016! That wouldn't have been possible without the support of our rider's families, our amazing volunteers and supporters." states Crystal.


As Reclamation-Ranch grows, it is our goal and dream to have cabins for families to stay overnight to enjoy a relaxing, back to nature retreat close to home. In 2016 we will continue to host Helping with Horsepower's SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding program, as well as monthly family outdoor movie nights, a teen girls weekend workshop, and monthly gatherings for girls of all ages. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive updates and invites of our events at Reclamation-Ranch!


Image00054Meet Atari!

American Quarter Horse Ms Basic Dunit "Atari", mother of Soli, is a petite 12 year old Dun (Light brown) mare who loves attention, treats, brushing and baths! She helps with Helping with Horsepower's SpiritHorse Therapeutic riding program and is an easy going, laid back kind of gal! Atari also enjoys giving riding lessons to children that have never ridden, participates in Davison Feeds Pet and Baby days and is a great teacher who encourages confidence and happiness in her riders!   



Half Arabian, Half American Quarter horse, Solatari Rhock "Soli" is the daughter of Atari. Born in 2011, Soli is often referred to as the "Walmart Greeter!" She is the first one to the fence for attention, hugs and treats. Soli is still in training.










RCC Montagna "Tanga" is a 13 yr old grey Arabian mare. As the daughter of an AHA National Champion Working Cow horse, Tanga loves teaching kids and chasing cows. Tanga is a great teacher for riders to learn how soft and responsive a horse is. She also helps her riders build confidence and experience. Tanga's favorite past time is to be as filthy as possible and have her mane a mess! 


BeautyBeauty 5x

Stonecreek Onyx, "Beauty" is the horse every little girl dreams of! Beauty is a 9 yr old black Fell Pony. Often referred to as a "mini Frisian" Fell Ponies originated in northern England. Known for their versatility, lots of hair on their feet, mane and tail, Fell Ponies are quiet the eye catchers! Beauty came to Reclamation-Ranch from the SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Center in Texas in 2016. Beauty is the queen of her world and loves treats, brushing, and lots of hugs and kisses! Beauty loves helping with Helping with Horsepower's SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding program and is a solid, laid back, rock steady horse. She has not only been known to give riding lessons to kids but also to cats! Beauty is also learning to drive/pull a cart! 

Ralph3xMeet Ralph 

My name is Ralph and this is my story. I was less than 6 months old when I was dumped at the landfill on the reservation. Feeling abandoned, neglected and hungry, I wasn't sure how I was going to survive. I was on my own. Until one day, I was rescued by people from the Oglala Pet Project. They spent hours removing ticks, bathing, and caring for me. Once I was ready for adoption, the family at Reclamation-Ranch wanted me!

I now live with all kinds of animal friends and love my family. I am valued for just being me, even when I got into trouble. Like one time I chewed up my favorite movie. Wreck it Ralph. But Hey! That movie was asking for it! Right? 

After my first year at Reclamation-Ranch, my mom discovered I had the perfect temperament to help people. Mostly my days are filled with naps, playing with the cats, following my family around on outside, greeting the Helping with Horsepower therapeutic riding kids and families and eating. But on my favorite days, I get to spend time with my friends at the Abbott House! As soon as we arrive at the Abbott House, I am filled with love, joy and happiness to share with the girls. We have so much fun during our time together! They share their stories about their own dogs & pets, laugh, play and some of them tell me they are from the same place I use to live. 

Crystal n Ralph


My favorite part of the whole day is when I hear one of the girls say "I feel so loved when I'm with Ralph."

I am grateful for the time I share with the girls at the Abbott House and hope my story inspires them each find and do what they were born to do.