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Howdy Partner!

Being around horses since my childhood, I have learned many lessons.  They have taught me to love unconditionally, lighten up, and let go. They have been my rock as I learned to survive a childhood of domestic violence. As I grew into an adult, what seemed normal to me were the feelings of survival, resentment, anger, guilt, and most of all fear. None of which were serving me any longer. Becoming an Equine Gestalt Life Coach has changed it all for me. I have learned I am worthy and capable of the complete opposites. The horses have shown me how to become compassionate, trusting, confident, and free! Just imagine what the world would be like if we all learned to give and accept love unconditionally, lighten up and let go!

I feel I have stepped into my calling! My horse and I are committed to providing an outlet for people, seeking an organic opportunity to return and free themselves of unwanted mental toxins.  A Constant and Never Ending Improvement!

Who am I?                             

Many thoughts race through my mind as I ponder that question.  Have you ever slowed your mind down and truly explored that question?  "Who am I"  I know who my parents are, where I come from, what I do on a daily basis, where I work, but "Whooo am I?" As I look back on my personal life, I'm reminded a lot of what I've been told, experienced, and have been taught.  Most of what we have learned as children is "For your own good"  But now that I've "done my own personal work" through Equine Gestalt Coaching, I have discovered how to decide what is for "my own good" and HOLY COW it feels EMPOWERING.

"It is not necessary to accept the choices handed down to you by life as you know it.  There is more to it than that - no one "HAS" to do something he doesn't want to do for the rest of his life."  ~Hunter S. Thompson~

As an Equine Gestalt coach, my horses and I will encourage and support young women and teens seeking an environment to discover, cherish, and grow through "outside of the box" experiences.  As you discover which parts you want to build upon, the parts of ourselves we find the most joy in, we begin to step into and see who we truly are meant to be, not what someone told us to become or the "advice" we were given.            Crystal Young ~